October 18, 2021

The Emerald Stone And Its Incomparable Virtues

Emerald stone is one of the most wonderful, beautiful and sprightly gemstones of all the other gemstones. Its worth is incomparable both in beauty and virtue. It is a stone which mother earth has made it with a green piercing lustre and bestowed it with occult powers.

  • It has many medicinal benefits among which some of are listed here. When worn in epileptic patients, it lessens the chances of fits to a great extent. Also it helps in dysentery.
  • It is beneficial in relieving from venomous bites. It tends to nullify the poison that went into the body by the venomous bite.
  • If emerald stone is bound to the thigh of a pregnant woman, it hastens the delivery process and the woman will suffer less labour pain.
  • Since in ancient times, emerald was associated with the planet Venus, it is also known as the gemstone of beauty and love.
  • Wearing Emerald not only improves the memory of its wearer but also bestows him with brilliance in his decisions and wisdom.
  • It enables one’s thinking ability of his past, present and future.
  • Emerald holds its benefits in healing eyesight too. It is said that applying a fine powder of emerald stone as an eye lotion brings back the vision or heals any sort of vision related problems.
  • In religious liturgy, emerald holds its own importance. Each religion has its own theory regarding the green gem. And all find this gemstone as beneficial to mankind.
  • It is said that when the green color of the Emerald starts fading away, it’s time to either replace it with a new one with renewed energies or it is now of no use to the wearer and furthermore use may lead to negative and adverse effects.
  • The cleansing properties of Emerald are known to heal infections and diseases. Not only this, Emerald’s healing powers are widely spread to various vital organs. It helps in healing skeletal system disorders, skin diseases, cardiovascular, kidney and adrenal gland disorders. Liver and intestinal system too are not left behind in getting healed by the gems’ virtues.
  • It helps in abandoning negative belief systems and incorporates positivity in all the thoughts. It delivers the wearer stability in adverse situations, soothes and calm down his futile and squandering thoughts.
  • For someone who lacks self confidence, emerald serves as the source of boosting up one’s self esteem.
  • It proves to be a boon in debilitating condition where one loses all hope and creativity. It brings back the zeal to mix creativity and colors to life and have a positive outlook towards everything around.
  • It is a gem of love and purity any sort of ill-intention and lust are controlled by wearing this gemstone. It banishes all the fetters of insecurities and unfaithfulness towards the spouse.
  • Students who wear Emerald, always beckons for success in their literary journey. They reach heights in their studies as this gemstone is a powerful and benevolent intelligence progression.
  • Emerald helps an individual in the finesse and confidence required in public speaking skills.
  • If an individual suffers from lack of concentration and focus, the stone helps in making the priorities in life clear and make you focus on a particular task for a long period of time.
  • At the time of difficult and adverse situation, it acts as a pillar and supports you by infusing in great amount of tolerance, wisdom and clarity.
  • When the mind is dim-witted, Emerald lends you a helping hand in making your dreams come true and widen your vision to see success coming your way.