October 18, 2021

All Misfortune Is A Stepping Stone To Fortune

No matter how many setbacks you encounter in life, just consider them as part of your stepping stone to your fortune. You will realize how fulfilling it can be when you focus your mindset on the positive things that life brings instead of the problems.

People who were able to make a difference in the lives of others have legacies that last for a lifetime. They won’t become what and who they were if not because of the hardships and struggles that they encountered in life. They rose from failure to failure before they succeed.

Failure can in fact be an impetus to success if we use it to our advantage. When we welcome trials as something to be learned from, we become our best version. Though it is not easy and it really stings but if we look at it in a different light, we are not wasting our valuable time because overcoming one misfortune to another will make us stronger and more determined.

Sometimes, we feel impatient for the wasted time we spent on something but oftentimes there is always better out there waiting to be discovered and explored. We can’t change what happened in our lives but definitely the way we react to those circumstances impact on what will happen next in our lives.

We cannot decide the time and place of our misfortunes. These happen when we least expect them like an unexpected guest who comes to our home surprisingly. We can do nothing about it but accept and embrace it as part of life. Who knows, it might offer us a good fortune.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Instead of whining, we better move forward and do something to turn it into a good fortune. Misfortunes can only become stepping-stones to success when we welcome them with enthusiasm and hope in our heart. When we don’t complain, there is a chance for us to understand why something needs to happen. By doing so, we are able to handle our misfortune better than we expected.

When are able to grasp the lessons that misfortunes offer, it can help us become more conscious of our life. Living with awareness is a vital step to seeing misfortunes differently. When we don’t blame others for our bad luck or fate; we realized that the rest will follow. Blaming others for our circumstance won’t help us grow; the very reason why misfortune keeps on repeating one after another.